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Adrian, a disgruntled "garbage man" from a dystopian future, drudges through what is left of society as he collects scrap parts for his employer. Stumbling across an abandoned car and building, Adrian investigates to see if he can find the owner of the car. Adrian finds the proprietor, but is forced to quickly evacuate the building as a deadly gas is released. Having damaged his equipment and suffering mild gas inhalation, Adrian marches back to camp for medicine and repairs. At camp, Adrian speaks over the radio to a fellow employee, voicing his concerns about the job and general living situation. It is revealed that Adrian inhaled more gas than initially thought, and he is forced to head out for a nearby outpost in the morning. Adrian traverses through a destroyed forest, burnt by the wildfires that routinely scorch the lands. Upset by his current situation, Adrian knows that if he is unable to recover, he will have to return home and find a different, even worse, job. As Adrian nears the outpost, his mind races as his life is about to change forever.

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Release Date:

Apr 23, 2021


United States



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Andeekae Productions

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YouTube - Video
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