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A social justice exposé cast in an artistic framework, The Epicenter, breaks from convention, tradition and structure with a decidedly youthful flavor. Produced by an all-Black female production team, the film breaks from convention, tradition, and structure with a decidedly youthful flavor. Heartbreaking and boldly truthful, while at the same time surprisingly hopeful, The Epicenter gives an eloquent perspective that follows the aftermath of the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis, Minnesota aka Minnesota Nice. Poetic, unique and compelling, the artistic mix of portrait and landscape cinematography gives a viewer perspective that is on the ground with the movement. But why Minnesota? To answer that question, one must step back and review the issue from a historical perspective. There is a toxic confluence of contributing factors that play a role, much of it revolving around the demographics and the unique and perhaps, little known, culture and history of the state. The shocking stories of victims' families and indigenous people also weigh in. The question remains. Will Blacks finally attain human rights and justice after 401 years? These are the questions that The Epicenter seeks to answer in the heart of Minneapolis, around the nation, and around the world. Bob Dylan said the times they are a changin'. Will they this time?

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Release Date:

May 01, 2021


United States



Production Companies:

Roses Are READ Productions

Official Site:

The Epicenter website
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