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Secretly abused and abandoned by her former husband, 50-year-old Colombian artist by the name of Salome is left to raise their only child, Joseph, by herself. Living in a fragile existence with her son, she buries herself into her artwork in attempt to hide from her thorny past, helping Eddy the youngest son of her neighbor, a deaf mute teenager who love to paint. Thanks to Salome, Eddy advances in giant steps in his personal life and in his art. Until their lives are suddenly altered by the arrival of Marta, a niece who breathes fresh air into a family of darkness, and Myriam, a beautiful young woman who unchains Salomes dark twisted past and awakens deep passion within Joseph. Through a whirlpool of life changing events, the families carefully hidden secrets are unearthed and the consequential actions that occur are destructive.

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Release Date:

Oct 23, 2020


United States, Colombia


English, Spanish

Production Companies:

Mandala Image Productions, Circular Music, Manhattan Entertainment

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