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2019, City of Madrid (Madrid, center to Spain). Humberto is a quiet mature man owner of bar Borges who passes his days flirting with his younger worker (and part-time lover) Rocío, and meeting with his close friend Diego, a former agent of NIC (short for National Intelligence Centre). His routine ends when his longtime stranded son Jorge asks help his father to replace the money loss in a robbery happened in the jewelry where he works by two women he was serving. Deceiving Diego to get the money under the promise to date Rocío knowing Diego's interest on her, Humberto gives Jorge the money with one term: to spend one week living together, in the try to reconcile with him. Reluctant by his father's past as white-collar swindler and the bad life Humberto gave him and his deceased mother, Jorge is forced to accept the deal. Learning about incoming Aldana's birthday party, Catalina's daughter and Juan's stepdaughter, jewelry's owners, Humberto convinces Jorge to go the party pretending to be his rich uncle recently arrived from Argentina. Seduced by Catalina and Juan's lifestyle, Humberto makes a plan to get rubies. However, his plan complicates in unexpected ways: a full of resentment Jorge tries to prevent that his father destroy his dream to win Catalina's affection to be promoted in the work, Diego learns the true relation between Humberto and Rocío forcing him to be partners in crime, Aldana shows a love interest to Humberto despite Jorge's failed attempts to close her, and Juan and Catalina's personal bodyguard Dora follows Humberto mistrusting of his intentions. With time running against, Humberto must to find the way to make the job before his cover up be uncovered, avoiding at the same time that Jorge realizes about his plan to get the rubies.

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Release Date:

Jul 10, 2020


Spain, Argentina



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Arcadia Motion Pictures, Cados Producciones, Dammed Bello

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