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3 high school girls have formed a coven of witches. They try to perform powerful magic, having north, east and south but lack a 4th witch to take the fourth corner - west/water. Helen/Michelle Monaghan moves in with Adam/David Duchovny and his 3 teenage sons in another town with her teenage daughter, Lily/Cailee Spaeny. Lily begins at the same high school as her "stepbrothers" and the 3 witches. Unfortunately, she has her first menses on her first day in school, making her the target of Timmy's ridicule. The 3 girls help her out in the bathroom. They become friends. They discover powers that they couldn't reach as 3 such as telekinesis, telepathy, later shape-shifting, freezing time, levitation etc. Lily joins the coven. They take their revenge on Timmy using magic. What about proceeding with caution?

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Release Date:

Oct 28, 2020


United States



Production Companies:

Columbia Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Red Wagon Entertainment

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