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In 2006 something got broken in Budapest. The scandalous leaked speech of the Hungarian Prime Minister led to a major disappointment among citizens. Disappointment in new political leaders after the end of the Communist era, disappointment in democracy in general. However, the true story of the leaking, the power games, and motivations are still in shadow. Hungary's first political crime film based on actual events leads the audience to this scandalous era, filled with protests, riots, police terror, and dangerous secrets - through a story of a young, ambitious political analyst. When Réka finds out her boss is involved in the leaking of a scandalous Prime Minister speech, she decides to investigate the case to gain a position among the big-shots. She teams up with her journalist boyfriend and starts investigating, but soon gets confronted by her boss and they become hunted by the secret services. So when she finds answers about the police terror and secrets of the 2006 scandal of the Prime Minister, it's not only her career that is in danger anymore. The film is centered around an actual political and human rights scandal, features well-known Hungarian actors in roles that are based on actual political characters.

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Oct 21, 2021





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