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The Christmas Question documentary unravels the history of the holiday and explores the implications for today's Christians. The filmmaker travels the globe to speak to some of the world's foremost experts in early Christianity, pre-Christian religions, early United States history, ancient Roman history, alternative religions and cults and all things Santa Claus. The documentary explores questions like: If not directly from the Bible, where did we get traditions like Christmas trees, mistletoe, gifts in stockings, caroling, and yule logs? Why was Christmas once illegal in the United States? Are there clear connections between Christmas traditions and paganism? Even if the trappings of Christmas are somehow linked to the worship of pagan gods, does God care? The aim of the film is to get to the bottom of why Christians celebrate Christ's birth in certain ways - and then, to let the audience decide whether Christmas passes the test of worshiping God "in both spirit and truth."

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Dec 23, 2019


United States


English, Spanish

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Align the Stars Media

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