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The Book of Revelation full movie is released on Sep 07, 2006. Watch The Book of Revelation online - the English Crime movie from Australia , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $76,570. The Book of Revelation is directed by Ana Kokkinos and created by Rupert Thomson with Tom Long and Greta Scacchi. The Book of Revelation is available online on Amazon Video and Amazon Video.

Daniel, an Australian classical dancer, is drugged and abducted in an alley by three hooded women. They proceed to hold him in an abandoned warehouse for about two weeks, mutilating him sexually and using him for their own physical and psychological gratification, before dumping him blindfolded from a car near his home. Traumatised, Daniel neither reports his kidnapping and rape to the authorities, nor reveals it to family, friends or colleagues. In the aftermath, he loses his ability to dance and has problems readjusting to normal life. His sceptical live-in lover Bridget, a ballerina, suspecting that he was unfaithful to her during his absence, leaves him. Obsessed with finding the culprits, who he has reason to believe are from the vicinity, he dates every woman who bears a resemblance to his abductors, hoping to identify them. This leads him into trouble with the law, and to an eventual breakdown that may or may not prove cathartic.

As know as:

북 오브 레버레이션, O Livro das Revelações, O Livro Das Revelações, 監禁アマゾネス, The Book of Revelation

Release Date (Streaming):

Jan 11, 2016





Production Companies:

Film Finance, Wildheart Zizani

Gross worldwide:



A secret he would not share. An obsession he could not control. A mystery he dare not resolve.


Cath Clarke
There's a fine and committed performance by Long, who looks like a pretty, young Nick Cave, but the women are never anything more than agents of the central conceit, the missing link in an otherwise psychologically intriguing film.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 28, 2008
Jamie Russell
Shot like a lush, hypnotic waking dream, it's boldly beautiful and plays some half-smart games with sex, power and gender politics.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 28, 2008
Nigel Floyd
Time Out
An adaptation of novelist Rupert Thomson's erotic mystery/thriller that fails to find a visual or narrative equivalent for the book's elegant prose and lubricious mysteries.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 27, 2008

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