The Black Hen (also know as Kalo Pothi) full movie is released on Dec 30, 2015. Watch The Black Hen online - the Nepali Action movie from Nepal , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $6,771. The Black Hen is directed by Min Bahadur Bham and created by Min Bahadur Bham with Khadka Raj Nepali and Sukra Raj Rokaya.

We are in the year 2001, a temporary ceasefire brings a much-needed break to a small war-torn village in Northern Nepal, bringing much joy among the residents. Prakash and Kiran, two young close friends, are also starting to feel the change in the air. Though they are divided by caste and social creed, they remain inseparable, and start raising a hen given to Prakash by his sister, with hopes to save money by selling her eggs. However, the hen goes missing. To find it, they embark on a journey, innocently unaware of the tyranny brought by the fragile ceasefire.

As know as:

Kalo Pothi, Чёрная курица, Kalo Pothi: Un pueblo de Nepal, Kalo Pothi, Nas Estradas do Nepal


Nepal, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia



Production Companies:

Shooney Films, Shooney Films, Mila Productions

Gross worldwide:



Tara Brady
Irish Times
With a nod to Robert Flaherty's ethnographs, director Min Bahadur Bham conveys a sense of centuries of unchanged, pre-industrial living, suddenly encroached by modernity.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 01, 2017
Nigel Andrews
Financial Times
There's a rough and ready enchantment -- a magic of mood and landscape -- in the prizewinning Nepalese film The Black Hen.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 27, 2016
Kevin Maher
Times (UK)
A tough-love drama with shades of Bicycle Thieves.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 08, 2016

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