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The Fatbat has retired in bliss with the love of his life, Silver St. Cloud. In his absence, Gotham has fallen under the rule of the villainous Harley Quinn and the murderous Joker. Mr. Super they believe has been destroyed. He crawls unable to fly to find Bruce's cabin in the South Gotham woods. Bruce finds him and declares war upon the clowns for hurting his city, his friends. The Justice Buddies are in defeat injured and missing. A mysterious female dressed in red comes to aid the Justice Buddies. Bruce with his assembled team including his Aunt Miriam, Alfred, Robin, Nightwing, The Millenial Twins and Aquaman set out to take back the city. Harley and her clown army are the greatest foes the Justice Buddies have ever faced. Fatbat undeterred uses his inner strength to rise to the challenge. Bruce must grapple with the idea of how society views him and whether he is deserving of the love that he feels for his friends, the family his city and ultimately his greatest love - Silver.

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Apr 18, 2018


United States, Canada



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Phoenix Reborn Films

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