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Martín a 42-year-old TV Presenter, tells Leonardo a 45-year-old agronomist and his partner for ten years, his desire to be a parent by adopting a baby. He feels deep down the need to be a father as soon as possible. Leonardo, having been adopted himself, has doubts. Upon learning that the adoption of a baby can take years, Martín decides to attend a support group for parents in the process of adoption. Leonardo tries to be supportive of his partner, while the doubts generated by the process they started transfer to his work in the field. A proposal to make a 'serious' TV Show, leads Martín to a children's Transit Home. There, he and Leonardo meet Raúl and Benjamín, two orphaned brothers. That relationship will soon lead the couple to rethink the priorities they've had so far. Martín's anxiety and Leonardo's discomfort deteriorate their relationship, until they separate. Martín is enticed by the ideas of a quirky woman, an athlete from the support group who is married to a former karate champion. She proposes they have a baby together, dividing the time they spend with it between her, her husband and Martín. "The adopters" puts forward a modern, unprejudiced and broad look of the search these two men who love each other go through. And it reveals how these challenges lead Leonardo and Martín to choose each other again, to be chosen and to opt in favor of love, accepting and getting to know each other more. A path that transforms them, changing the way they see their lives

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Nov 14, 2019





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Duermevela, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA), Non Stop

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