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Newly engaged lovers, Jason and Brandon return to Los Angeles after two years in New York after Brandon completes his contract as a dancer with the New York Ballet Company. While Jason goes back to work as a piano accompanist at the local ballet studio, Brandon transitions into teaching ballet students. Jason meets a stunningly good-looking dancer Devon with whom he has a strong connection who tries to convince him to help him with his career through the rumored magical healing power of Jason's piano music. Brandon's former partner, Adam, who was violent and abusive when they were together, is back in the picture and making a play for Brandon. Even though Adam has gotten his life together, he is still desperately in love with Brandon. As Jason and Brandon settle into their routine of work and daily life, memories of a tragic family car accident still haunt Jason. Jason's wish of having his children, Max and Isabella, back seems like it may become attainable through his ability to heal people and transcend time with his piano music. However, his inability to control the power of his music and his strong attraction to Devon brings unexpected consequences to the people he loves the most, including his ex-wife Karen and his true love, Brandon. The intersecting themes of karma, grief, loss, true love and reclaiming one's power combine in this fantasy/drama/romance to make a sizzling follow up to the award-winning film, The Accompanist, due in wide release September, 2020.

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Release Date:

Dec 20, 2022


United States



Production Companies:

Keeve Productions, Wainwright Park Media

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my website
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