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A documentary movie about passion, do-it-yourself spirit, anxiety of small town teenagers and life changes brought on by adulthood. The story is told through a Finnish punk rock record label, Combat Rock Industry, which became one of the most significant ones operating in the 00's. Growing up the main characters Jani and Janne needed something more in their lives than what their small, conservative hometowns could offer. They found the alternative in the punk scene and suddenly the world was full of possibilities. Touring, publishing records and making a living from it was all of a sudden possible, while still retaining values and principles they cherished. Whilst living the dream and touring the world they learned essential skills which they could later use in their life. But growing up and adulthood brings out new challenges. How long can you hold on living the dream, when you've got a family to feed?

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Mar 07, 2019





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Janne Tapio Media

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