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In this independent Superhero comedy, a strange superhero named SWERV (Milo Stanfield) gets sent to a different dimension by his arch nemesis THE LYNX (Daniel Welling.) While in the new universe, he has to become a superhero again (without the use of his A.I. belt buckle sidekick) along with joining a band and putting on a performance on the fourth of July. but the Lynx isn't far behind - The directorial debut of Connor McFarlane centers around the amateur superhero Swerv, who relies almost solely on his Artificial Intelligence belt buckle sidekick for all of his superhero adventures. The Lynx (Swervs nemesis) wants to be the only hero of the town, thus concocting a vicious plan to send Swerv to an alternate universe. In the alternate universe, SWERV will encounter many strange new people and embark on many adventures, slowly realizing that maybe the life of a superhero isn't for him, but the Lynx hasn't forgotten about Swerv just yet.

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Apr 19, 2021


United States



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Prestige Productions

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