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The movie revolves around an idol, Suvarna Sundari and the effects of it. The idol, also known as Trinetri, dates back to 15th century. Whoever possesses the idol, becomes a victim of destruction because of the history the idol has. On the other hand, a gang desperately seeks the idol as it can fetch them a lot of money in the international market. They also believe that possessing the idol brings people good luck. An archaeologist, played by Jaya Prada, knows the history of Suvarna Sundari and vows to prevent the damage it causes to people. Meanwhile, a couple - Anjali and Ram - visit a company to strike a deal, but they get stuck in a lift along with five different people. What follows next is a series of deaths, that adds to the mystery. Will the archaeologist succeed in her mission?

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Release Date:

May 31, 2019




Telugu, Kannada

Production Companies:

S Team Pictures
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