Supari - The Quest Begins Now full movie is released on Jan 12, 2014. Watch Supari - The Quest Begins Now online - the Hindi Crime movie from India. Supari - The Quest Begins Now is directed by Aamreeta Gautam and created by Aamreeta Gautam with Sabreen Baker and Swetanshu Bora.

No one in the party knew him . Was he a gate crasher, what was his motive? And biggest question is how he ended up dead. In a party full of people a gate crasher was murdered. No one saw who did it . Are they all lying to cover up something big? DSP Nirmal Pandey finds himself in the middle of a brewing conspiracy. He now not only needs to find out who did it but also how it was done. Exploring the labyrinth of complicated urban relationships, Supari tells a story of long lost love, lost friendships,betrayal and heart warming loyalty .

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Supari - The Quest Begins Now





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