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A farmer with a pretty wife and a young child begins a downward spiral after starting an affair with a vacationing woman from the city. She wants him to return to the city with her but when he mentions his wife, she suggests drowning her. The farmer is reluctant but agrees and he and his wife set off that evening for the city in his boat. When the time comes however he can't go through with it but his wife is scared silly. When they reach the city they see a young couple getting married and he begs his wife to forgive him. She does and they have a wonderful day together: they have their photo taken, go to a funfair, and go dancing. When returning in their boat in the late evening they encounter a huge storm that puts their lives in danger.

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Release Date:

Nov 04, 1927


United States


None, English

Production Companies:

Fox Film Corporation

Gross worldwide:

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