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A hard-working street dance crew, get through to the national championship, but get shaken up when their leader and main choreographer, Jay, jumps ship 5 weeks before the competition. He tells the crew, and his girlfriend, Carly, that she has become is predecessor, adding that he needs a break from everything...and everyone, including Carly. Carly struggles to fit into the leadership role, encountering problems such as finding funding for a rehearsal space and gaining the respect and trust of the crew. Whilst delivering food to a performing arts school, Carly meets Choreographer and Musical Director, Helena. Helena, is having her own issues with her students, a group of talented ballet dancers, who are technically proficient, but show no passion or fire when they dance. Helena is warned by the chairman of the school that at their current standard, they will not pass their Royal Ballet auditions, and failure to do so will result in dismissals. Recognising this, Helena, who is known for her unconventional methods, proposes that Carly and her crew include her ballet dancers in the Street Dance competition, in return for using one of their dance studios. Out of options, Carly agrees and the two worlds collide...hard. A lot is riding on Carly and her new crew, including going up against the reigning champions 'The Surge', the ballet students passing their auditions for the Royal Ballet and Carly proving to herself, the crew, and to Jay, that she can lead them to victory. To achieve this, they have to learn to use and embrace both Ballet, Street Dance...and each other.

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Release Date:

May 21, 2010


United Kingdom



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Vertigo Films, BBC Films, Little Gaddesden Productions

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