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Where can you find all in one place - a drunk washed-up actor, an ex-erotic model, currently working as a tavern singer, garage mechanic - womanizer, his envious wife - an angry beautician, two hot-headed pimps, disguised as beauty pageant judges, a corrupt local county mayor, his extremely self-indulgent and capricious wife, a mob boss, who specializes in iron and copper stealing, a low-class gangster - schizophrenic, dealing with serious issues with cheap drugs, a mercenary - pacifist and an emigrant from Albania, a sexy, flirtatious bartender, with lofty ambitions to become a politician, an esteemed county DJ, addicted of pickles, and a spoiled rich boy, son of an infamous mobster, accompanied by his demanding, controlling girlfriend? Where would you possibly find all of the above-mentioned characters being at the same place? No, not at the asylum but at a prom party for the ages. At one unforgettable evening all these colorful, crazy characters would gather for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration in honor of a young unsuspecting graduate. However, that very night their lives would change forever because when you mesh all those unapologetic egos together, it is like a ticking time bomb.

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Release Date:

May 10, 2019





Production Companies:

Unity Productions
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