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College student Paul Cartwright has thoughts of continuing the criminology work of his deceased father, Judge Albert Cartwright. Paul begins to have a recurring nightmare about his father's death in a train accident, which, according to his nightmare, was not an accident. He believes the nightmare may also be a premonition of things to come. When one thing after another true to his nightmare comes to fruition which are supported by other things that happen in his life, Paul suspects that the sinister sounding man in his nightmare, the man who killed his father if his nightmare is accurate, is the man who has been courting his mother Virginia Cartwright, suave Brett Curtis, purportedly a businessman but who Paul believes is really Claude Barrington, a criminal mastermind about who Judge Cartwright had been writing before he died. One of the issues for Paul is that Barrington is officially listed as dead. Another problem for Paul is that Curtis has worked his charm not only on Virginia, who he is pressuring to marry him, but Paul's younger sister, Dorothy Cartwright, the two to who he cannot turn with his suspicions. With the help of family friend Dr. Vincent, an academic and physician himself, as his confidante, Paul begins a quest to discover proof that Curtis truly is Barrington, including that he is in cahoots with a Professor Muhlbach, who operates the Restview Sanitarium. It could be a dangerous game of cat and mouse not only for him but his loved ones, especially Dorothy and his girlfriend Lydia, if he is correct about Curtis, as Barrington is known for having a weakness for young women, both romancing them and killing them if it suits his purpose.

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Release Date:

Mar 31, 1945


United States



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Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC)