Straight Jacket full movie is released on Jul 31, 2022. Watch Straight Jacket online - the English Short movie from United States. Straight Jacket is directed by Nathaniel Paull and created by Nathaniel Paull with Jamie Pratt and Erik J. Pratt.

Rodger is minding his own business in an empty parking lot when Rose (who's in a straight Jacket covered in blood) approaches him and asks if he can untie her Jacket. Rodger is hesitant and looking for anyway out of this situation without causing a conflict but Rose won't take no for an answer. After interrogating Rose, arguing with Rose, and telling her no both politely and rudely, Rodger realizes she won't go away and decides to make a break for it, entering his car and driving off. Rodger drives back to his house only to discover he left the trunk open and Rose hopped in, became a stow away, and is now in his driveway. Rodger freaks out and tries to get this unhinged lunatic off his property but no matter what he says Rose is still convinced he'll change his mind and free her. Realizing that his only options are getting the police involved or letting her go, Rodger takes pity on having her arrested, and decides to give in and untie her. Rose's last request is a change of clothes into something less blood covered and suspicious and Rodger caves into that as well, telling her to wait and he'll bring her an outfit. Rodger enters the house but never leaves and eventually Rose decides to investigate. In a twist of fate Rose discovers Rodger is a serial killer and he would rather kill her than let his secret get out.

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