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On a fateful day in 2015, Inès Barras' life was turned upside down when the grave of her still-born daughter was opened, at her request. The coffin was empty. Back in 1985, when the tragedy struck, Inès was a 15-year-old teen who delivered her baby at the Carmela Convent, in Spain. The nuns told her the baby died at birth, without specifying the cause. Hoping to put behind her grief and the shame of having a baby out of wedlock, Inès left Spain with her aunt and settled in France. She trudged ahead with her life, without any idea that her child had been born alive then sold off by the Catholic Church. Thirty years later, after a TV report on baby trafficking caught her attention, Inès contacted an attorney working with victims of the little-known scandal. Inès dug up revelation after revelation, trying to find out what really happened to her baby and track her down. Thanks to her unflagging courage and selfless efforts, she finally found her daughter Héloïse. But Héloïse had made a happy life with her adopted family, and wasn't ready to hear Inès' version of the events.

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Release Date:

Apr 04, 2018




French, Spanish

Production Companies:

Capa Drama, France Télévisions, Région Languedoc-Roussillon
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