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It is a Time of Great Friction between the Italian and Irish Crime Families for control of Pittsburgh. Steel-Man, Pittsburgh 's Official Superhero is hosting his annual Comic Book Convention at the C3 Mall. The Mall is Owned by the Head of Pittsburgh's Italian Crime Family Louis "Ballz" Gambogi. Due to several bad years, the Mall is scheduled for Sheriff Sale. Steel-Man owns the two most Profitable Stores at the C3 Mall, Steel-Man Comics and Steel-Man Brewing, whose success has become a source of tension for Mall Ownership. Business becomes personal when Steel-Man and Ballz's wife, Ricki, appear too friendly towards each other. The Italian Mob sends in their Top Problem Solvers, Joey Numbers and Nikki Tuti, to solve the Sheriff Sale situation, but Ballz already has his own plan to Blow Up the Mall, Stop the Sheriff Sale and Setup Steel-Man for Planting the Bomb in the Mall Basement. The Steel-Man Must Go Down . . .

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Jun 10, 2022


United States



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Pittsburgh Steel Man

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