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Jaydyn Coggins (15) is the fastest cup stacker in Australia. Jaydyn's family are dedicated to helping him find international success in this unusual sport. Jaydyn practices for hours every week, busks in Adelaide's Rundle Mall to raise money for travelling to competitions and his family save every spare dollar to invest in sport stacking. As he prepares for the World Championships in Florida, Jaydyn suffers a surprise de-selection from the Australian team. Jaydyn has been focused on the competition and stands a decent chance of winning, with his peers around the world acknowledging him as a top-level contender for the world champion title. But now, to even get to the competition, Jaydyn will have to overcome tensions back in Australia and problems arising from his own dented self-confidence. Jaydyn and his family push through these troubles and travel from South Australia to Orlando, Florida, but this trip is taken without the rest of the Australian team. Jaydyn will be the only Australian competitor at the World Sports Stacking Championships. Along the way the family stop in Vegas where Jaydyn's mother and stepfather are married, much to Jaydyn's excitement. Then Jaydyn faces the World Championships competition. He struggles to compose himself in the early moments of the competition. The film follows closely as Jaydyn does his best to muster a world-beating performance. Rich with a social inclusion and social justice themes, this one-hour documentary explores the hero's journey of one young boy with autism and his family who will do anything to open the world to him.

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Mar 31, 2021





Production Companies:

Burning Dolly, Mischief Media, Run Wild Pictures

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Run Wild Productions
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