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Like a fish out of water, taciturn eleven-year-old Misha flies from Russia to Athens to reunite with his mother, Sofia, after two long years of separation. But, against the backdrop of a scorching Athenian summer during the 2004 Olympic Games, the already sad boy is in for a surprise, as his mother--who works for the conservative, silver-haired former star of a children's TV show, Mr Nikos--is harbouring a life-altering secret. More and more, as the invisible noose around the mismatched trio increasingly tightens, dangerous friendships, fanned by the ever-present fear of rejection, disturbing nuances of Oedipal complex, and a burgeoning hatred threaten to put in jeopardy Sofia's Utopian dream of wiping the slate clean. Now, in this faceless city, Misha is looking for affection in all the wrong places. Is the son of Sofia yet another victim of love?

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Release Date:

Nov 30, 2017


Greece, Bulgaria, France


Russian, Greek

Production Companies:

Heretic, KinoElektron, Chouchkov Brothers

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