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Dedicated Berlin social worker Wolski gets social services to finance his experimental project down under. Wayward serial foster kid Marcel, a seemingly incorrigible violent junkie thug aged 16, accompanies guardian Wolski to Vava'u, a South Sea island in Tonga kingdom, where Wolski's mate Jo was to build a house for them, but spent the cash on a 'steal' garage. So they live with the native pastor Tevita, but Marcel gets drunk and wounds Tevita's best friend Lole, who takes the case to court. Wolski obtains an alternative punishment: Marcel is banished three years to uninhabited island Kenutu, mostly with Wolski, who finds building a home from scratch together finally established a proper bond. Tevita helps working out a traditional porcine peace offer, which Lole feels forced to accept, but Marcel's sincere apology after the make up feast ends in utter tragedy.

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Release Date:

Nov 23, 2017




German, English, Tonga (Tonga Islands)

Production Companies:

Zero One Film, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), Das kleine Fernsehspiel (ZDF)
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