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Stan is a graduate student researching lucid dreams and astral projection for his dissertation. Bruce, Stan's roommate, is studying physics in grad school and he keeps Stan in check. After breaking his leg, Stan realizes that he will have to spend most of his time indoors, so he figures that this would be a great opportunity to dive deeper into his lucid dream research so he can complete his dissertation early. Maintaining the lucid dream proves challenging, so Stan orders some new lucid dream pills that promise to extend the lucid dreaming experience. Upon using these pills, Stan makes startling new discoveries about the dream world and starts to notice connections between his dream reality and his waking reality. But there's a catch, to maintain the effects of the pills, the instructions indicate that the user has to up the dosage by one pill each night. Bruce warns that this is dangerous and could lead to an overdose. When Stan checks the bottle, it warns users that overdose can lead to distortion and mixture of the dream world with reality. Now the bottle says to up the dosage by one pill every two days and Stan starts losing touch with what's real. Stan is stuck in the realm between dreaming and living and must go to great lengths to figure out how to escape back into reality.

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Apr 07, 2018


United States



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