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Gentle online nerd teen Luke Pruitt and big sister Katie are dragged by their widowed mother's family time nostalgia to a lake house, rented from widow Megan Myers, who got a crazy reputation in town, even lost her best friend, after repeatedly falsely suspecting people of driving the red SUV which caused the accident a year earlier that killed her husband and kids, all disproved by sheriff Lopez. In fact it was the accidental but hit and run doing of a bunch of local students and friends, driving home drunk after a frat harvest feast party, including cocky Rick Rhodes, Ivy League rower Jared Hale and Katie, whose return breaks the kids' pact of silence, which starts a violent crime wave along Megan's bloody lust for revenge.

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Release Date:

Aug 27, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

Dominion Pictures, Reel One Entertainment, Stargazer Films USA
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