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Franco Antonello has a son, Andrea, who is autistic. When Andrea turned 18, they decided to rent a motorbike and ride across the United States, inspiring the writer Fulvio Ervas to tell their story on the book Don't be afraid if I hug you. In 2018, while Academy Award winner Gabriele Salvatores begins to shoot the movie inspired on their adventures, Franco and Andrea take on the road again on a trip from Europe to Africa. They traveled 9,000 kilometers full of adventures, from hurricanes to landslides, giving life to documentary Don't be afraid if I hug you, a road movie that talks about autism and the relationship between a father and son. A story that shows the courage of a man that decided not to give up. Directed by Niccolo Maria Pagani and produced by Ushuaia Film.

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Apr 02, 2021





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Ushuaia Film