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DJ Skaarab aka Samir (Karim Kassem) has just won the local DJ Championships in Egypt. He gets the opportunity to fly to Brussels in order to participate at the "Drop Beats" event. But Samir's flight is redirected to Luxembourg because of a major strike in Belgium. Having never heard of this country before, Samir loses all of his belongings including his papers, music as well as his identity. While he is stuck in this new territory, he gets to know many colorful characters that will be part of his journey. SAWAH is the second feature film by Luxembourg filmmaker Adolf El Assal (The Notorious Guys). The screenplay is co-written by Canadian writer Dennis Foon (Indian Horse (produced by Clint Eastwood), Life, Above All (distributed by Sony Pictures Classics)). It's a unique dramatic comedy that deals with issues such as identity, travelling and the recent refugee crisis. The film features a mixed international cast featuring Egyptian actors Karim Kassem, Sarrah Abdelrahman, Mahmoud Ellissy as well as Eric Kabongo (Willkommen bei den Hartmanns), Jean-Luc Couchard (Dikkenek) and Mourade Zuegendi (JCVD).

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Release Date:

Mar 20, 2019


Luxembourg, Egypt


English, French, Arabic, Luxembourgish

Production Companies:

Deal Productions, Wady Films, Caviar Films
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