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The Antarctic is, for now, one of the world's most pristine regions. If we continue to indiscriminately exploit its resources, however, it will not stay that way for long. Produced by and featuring Spanish actors and brothers Carlos Bardem and Oscar winner Javier Bardem, this urgent, enlightening, and stunningly beautiful documentary takes us to the Antarctic for a deeper understanding of what's at stake. Directed by Álvaro Longoria, Sanctuary tells the story of a campaign by Greenpeace, for whom the Bardems currently act as Antarctic ambassadors, to preserve the Southern Ocean. Knowing that there's no replacement for first-hand experience, Carlos Bardem and Javier Bardem travel to the continent with a team of scientists to learn about its astonishing diversity of ecosystems, and the role of oceans in reducing carbon dioxide. The brothers take a submarine dive into the coldest sea on Earth and behold its otherworldly wonders, and they meet Javier's favorite animal, the penguin. The Bardems also help us gain an understanding of the current threats to the Antarctic, such as tourism, plastics, and industrial fishing boats that vacuum unfathomable masses of krill - a key part of the penguin diet.

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Release Date:

Apr 10, 2018




English, German, Spanish

Production Companies:

Morena Films, Pinguin Films