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Playing against type, Dean Martin is Alex Flood, an ex-lawman who has decided to illegally profit from his abilities. He now owns most of the town of Jericho, and has hired a band of gunmen to enforce his edicts. Outside of town, Flood ambushes a stagecoach that is carrying a passenger, ex-deputy Dolan, played by George Peppard. From a hidden spot in the brush, Flood shoots up the coach and rides away. Arriving in town, Dolan meets Molly Lang (played by Jean Simmons), who has refused Flood's attempts to take over operation of her stage line. After a few days, Dolan becomes attracted to Molly, but he sees that the odds against them are too great and is on the verge of leaving town. But, after Flood sends his men to intimidate Molly and one and physically roughs her up, Dolan steps in. He organizes the few men in town who are willing to put up a fight, and they attack enterprises are owned by Flood. Finally, in a showdown, Flood and Dolan battle it out, coincidentally in the same spot that Dolan originally ambushed the stagecoach.

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Release Date:

Aug 01, 1967


United States



Production Companies:

Martin Rackin Productions
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