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Rituraj, Sampark, and Vichitra are living together with the bad financial condition as all of them are jobless, gets lured with an opportunity to win a lottery. Little do they know that they have been scammed and they have lost all the savings they had. After the setback, Vichitra, the new Roomie comes to their rescue when he connects them with a guy, Solomon, who happens to be his mentor and knows the scammers in the area. Things go down when they realize Solomon himself was the scammer and they resolve to scam him back and get their money. They set up a scamming startup to avenge their tragedy and to make some bucks over it with the newfound art. Will they be able to take revenge or unknowingly doing a wrong deed would land them into trouble with the police.

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Release Date:

Sep 24, 2021





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Rusk Studios
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