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Dana Willingham is an investigative journalist with the Seattle True Press. She is assigned what may be the biggest story of her time at the publication: to investigate what looks to be a purposeful privacy breach by En-Cyke, the hottest new social media app on the market, with nothing truly known about the company owner/CEO, including no photos known of him in existence. With the help of her editor Catherine Fontes, Dana plans to write the article while she's on her first vacation since starting to work for the publication, it a week long couples yoga retreat to Bali with her boyfriend Jon, a yoga fanatic, who organized everything for the two of them. While Dana hates yoga - she who doesn't understand especially the spiritual aspect of the activity, she preferring to power though any problem rather than meditate - she loves the thought of an Indonesian beach vacation in winter, even if her main focus will still be writing the article while there. Nothing about the vacation turns out the way she wants, including having no electronic access and being surrounded by a bunch of happy granola types who love everything about the retreat that she hates. While he is still grounded into the physical and spiritual aspects of the retreat, it is the only single within the group - Stefan - that helps her with some of those issues, while she discovers that he is hiding key "non-yogaish" aspects of himself. Through her encounter with Stefan, Dana may come to a new enlightenment about herself and about the article which may be damaged if she and Stefan end up feeling they cannot trust the other, lack of trust in the world in general one of the reasons he came on the retreat.

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Release Date:

Jan 24, 2021




English, Sanskrit, Spanish

Production Companies:

Reel One Entertainment, Movie Venture Inc., ROP Productions
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