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In New England, the spoiled Priscilla loves horse riding and lives with her mother Abigail. When Abigail decides to travel with her wealthy boyfriend, he gives the US$ 75,000 horse Lassie to Priscilla and she sends her daughter and Lassie to stay with her estranged father Duke Williams in his ranch in Michigan. The snobbish Priscilla does not treat her father well, but soon she befriends his friend Laura Mae and his employee Sage. When they go to a rodeo, Priscilla decides to train to dispute barrel racing and Sage teaches her. Meanwhile, the wealthy farmer Carl Davenport wants to buy Duke's land and his reckless son harasses Priscilla that is improving in the rodeo competition. When Abigail arrives in the ranch, Duke and Priscilla learn that her boyfriend was a con-artist and she does not have money to pay the price of Lassie, and will have to resell the horse. Priscilla vanishes and Duke has to take an attitude.

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Release Date:

Jan 05, 2018


United States



Production Companies:

Taylor & Dodge, Be Your Own Hollywood
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