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Edmond's favorite story is about Chanticleer, a rooster whose singing makes the sun rise every morning until the Grand Duke of Owls, whose kind despises the sun, makes him look like a fraud. The owls drive Chanticleer from the farm and put it under a spell of perpetual darkness and rain. As Edmond's own farm floods, he calls to Chanticleer and summons the Duke himself, who transforms him into a kitten to devour him. He's rescued by Chanticleer's friends, Patou the hound, Snipes the magpie, and Peepers the mouse, and they go on an adventure to the city where Chanticleer has become a rock star.

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Release Date:

Apr 03, 1992


Ireland, United Kingdom, United States


English, Spanish, Basque

Production Companies:

Goldcrest Films International, Sullivan Bluth Studios

Gross worldwide:

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