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Muna, a Saudi student with a desire to play football, lives in an Islamic country where some consider women to be indecent for participating in sports. She risks shaming her family and puts her life on the line in pursuit of her passion. In Russia, Roma embodies the ideal Olympic decathlete. He fights to keep a double life hidden from his father, a politician supporting the anti-gay law, and a nation seeped in homophobia. A tragic event reveals his secret and forces Roma to make the hardest decision of his life. Manuel, a Brazilian wrestler living in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, struggles to get his mother out of poverty by making it to the Games. Socio-economic conditions and his criminal past threaten to tear him from his family and ultimately destroy his Olympic Dream.

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Release Date:

Jul 20, 2019


United States, Brazil, Jordan


Russian, Portuguese, Arabic

Production Companies:

Beacon Revolt, Andarilho Filmes
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