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The Pure are yellow-skinned beings who see themselves as a superior race within the nation of Seyns. The Other are nameless blue-skinned slaves who cannot own anything, even clothing, and exist to serve the Pure. The Pure are divided into six Houses, or families. One of them, the Kindris, has decided to forego the ways of the Pure, leave the city, shed all clothing and property, and live in peace and respect with the Other. Their children are green skinned and are called the Mischling. The Mischling carry a deadly disease that kills anyone with whom they have sexual relations. Damek Kindris, next in line for the leadership of the Kindris tribe, refuses the throne so he could be with his beloved, a nameless Other slave, affectionately called Sweetie. In the meantime, the ruling families of Seyns feel threatened by the Kindris because they treat the Other with respect and have children with them. They devise a plan to legally take the Kindris' land from them and exile them to the desert. When confronted, many Kindris, Other and Mischling escape. Damek and Sweetie look for ancient Orics, artifacts that grant their wearer power over the elements, but the ruling class decides to hunt down the escapees and kill them. Will Damek find the orics in time to save his tribe?

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Jan 01, 2017


United States



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