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George has been living at 124 Mulberry Street for nearly 40 years. He used to love it there, but everything is different now. After losing his beloved wife Lily, George's life suddenly starts to feel empty in a quickly-evolving city that no longer feels like home. The only thing that gets George through his days is his weekly visits to Lily's grave. Things start to look a little brighter for George when a youthful, beautiful, doe-eyed foreigner decides to move into his building. Her name is Rose and she is the most lovely being George has seen in decades. George quickly develops an unhealthy infatuation for Rose, and watches her every move through a vent that connects their two apartments. George knows it's wrong to watch Rose in her most intimate moments, but he can't help it. She's classic, charming, and wonderfully delicate -- everything Lily once was. He is amazed by how much Rose reminds him of his late wife, and feels their souls must be connected somehow. George's only problem? There's another man in the way. Rose's boyfriend Henry develops an intense distrust for George, and vows to do whatever it takes to protect his woman. But there may be more to Henry that Rose doesn't see. Before long, our sweet Rose will find herself in a dangerous love triangle that may end in someone's bitter and untimely end. But who will it be?

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Release Date:

Jan 01, 2020


United States



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N. Polanco Productions

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