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lives are going normal for people in many parts of India until late March 2020 when the COVID pandemic strikes in the country forcing the Indian government to put the country under lock down.In small Konkan village Ravi Parkar lives a happy life running an electronic shop who is forced to shut due to crisis and he is left in debts.As there is no income in family and financial problems does not permit him to open the shop Ravi goes door to door to sell electronic items and asks for work.Ravi's wife Deepa sees her husband suffer and feels that she should help her in some way but Ravi's ego does not permit it.Deepa sees that her daughter watches several videos on internet where people are becoming popular by showcasing their work online.Deepa whose good at cooking along with her daughter secretly shoot her cooking videos in one corner of the house without her husband knowledge.Deepa soon starts to get some followers but when Ravi finds about it he isn't happy but her in laws favor her.Things start coming back to normal until a cyclone strikes the region forcing Deepa to start everything back from zero.

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Jul 11, 2021





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Framelements Media & Entertaiment

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