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"Pride Of DC: The Hyde Rugby Odyssey" is a feature length documentary that tells the story of the first all African-American, high school rugby team. Filmmaker Jonni Masella captures the most intimate moments of the team experience as players struggle to learn an unfamiliar sport, finding triumph and brotherhood against the gritty backdrop of every day life in Northeast Washington, DC. At the center of it all is their dedicated coach, Tal Bayer, a Hyde Leadership Public Charter School teacher who founded the rugby program on the school's philosophy of building character. As the season wears on we follow the students' battles on and off the field, and see how the lessons learned in the rough sport of Rugby can translate to success in the game of life. Aware of the myriad challenges facing young black males today, "Pride Of DC: The Hyde Rugby Odyssey" shows us a positive portrayal of black youth not often captured in today's media. Even as the school faces challenges to keep its door open, the student athletes soldier on; revealing how boys become men, and a team becomes a family.

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May 06, 2018


United States



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MasellaCat Films, Tag Creative

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