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This program looks at the science, learnings and the movement now bringing together states, legislators, automobile manufacturers, and energy companies producing hydrogen that is easily available at hydrogen fueling stations. Many recognize the value of hydrogen fuel technology to be a real alternative. With the new administration in office, there is a renewed focus on the environment - with that brings the ingenuity and science with many organizations banding together to recognize the value of hydrogen fuel technology as an alternative to not only power vehicles, vans, small and Class-8 highway trucks but also the possibility of being the energy source for buildings, communities, homes and even cities. "Powering the Nation - Hydrogen Fuel Cells - the Clean Transportation Alternative" will take the viewer inside the hydrogen fuel cell technology research centers, on the road with the vehicles and provide a closer look at the operations now underway at the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach in California.

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Release Date:

Mar 26, 2021


United States



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Bader Group
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