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This episodic drama focuses on the lives of a minority family in Booshehr as they wrestle with race and identity in a search for their own individual slices of happiness. Toomaj, the family's eldest son, hopes to join his love Shirin in London by swimming across the English Channel, but as he trains for the attempt, he discovers that Shirin has been living with another man for some time, and that the two will now meet under very different circumstances. His sister, meanwhile, has opted to seclude herself from society due to the colour of her skin, but the upcoming papal election may spell an end to her misery. Finally, young student Hasti searches for a way to free her fiance Ali from prison in time for a trip to Mexico. As events weave between Iran, England, Italy and Mexico, director Ehsan Abdipour presents us with a behind-closed-doors look at cultural identity, integration, and self-acceptance in modern society.

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Apr 10, 2018





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Iran Novin Film

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