Picture Perfect full movie is released on Sep 16, 2020. Watch Picture Perfect online - the English Short movie from United Kingdom. Picture Perfect is directed by Jacob Crossley and created by Jacob Crossley with Alicia Dillon and Kieran Stokes.

A heated argument breaks out when semi-professional footballer Robert returns home furious at his girlfriend Jasmin who has carelessly binned his personal possessions. Jasmin becomes equally angry back at Robert for his clumsiness that triggers her OCD. Whilst Jasmin hides herself in the bedroom, Robert walks up to apologise but slips on the stairs, falling and breaking his leg. Jasmin attempting to leave the house with a packed bag, discovers Robert and decides to help him. Robert's only freedom is outside the window as his injury leaves him bed bound with a broken leg and an uncertain future for his career and relationship. Jasmin is confused, her life is at a cross roads and she doesn't know whether leaving is for the best or worst, however, she remains around to look after Robert. Robert decides to uptake painting to relief his boredom, which surprises yet pleases Jasmin. Soon after, another dispute erupts as Jasmin accuses him of laziness with no self motivation to return to a fit state, leading to Jasmin walking out the front door. Robert upset attempts to stand and manages to manoeuvre downstairs, he is unsure whether Jasmin will return. He tries to hang up his painting but instead decides to fix Jasmin's painting that he destroyed in the first argument and places it on the wall. Jasmin returns finding Robert, out of bed, apologetic and her painting on display. Jasmin walks outside the front door once more, this time followed by Robert who is able to step outside again.

As know as:

Picture Perfect


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

BlueSpace Productions

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