Petit Pow! Pow! Noël full movie is released on Dec 02, 2005. Watch Petit Pow! Pow! Noël online - the French Drama movie from Canada. Petit Pow! Pow! Noël is directed by Robert Morin and created by Robert Morin with André Morin and Robert Morin.

A man enters a long-term care facility on Christmas Eve armed with a syringe and a camera. He's there to see his elderly father who is autistic and has been paralyzed for 20 years following a car accident, confined now to a hospital bed. His intention is to put the man on trial: he blames his father for his difficult childhood, of not being there for him, and for ruining his dead mother's life. He's come to put an end to the miserable old man and to film it all. But first, over the course of 24 hours, he is made to suffer through physical and psychological torture. The only reprieve the frail and deteriorated old man gets from his sadistic and cruel son is when the hospital staff interrupt to feed and wash him, and change his diapers. Ironically, this is far worse than his son's torture as he has to deal with the daily pain, humiliation, and loss of dignity of having to depend on others to take care of his basic bodily functions. Vulnerable and helpless, he has no choice but to endure.

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Petit Pow! Pow! Noël





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Coop Vidéo de Montréal

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