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People Hold On full movie is released on May 31, 2016. Watch People Hold On online - the English Comedy movie from Canada. People Hold On is directed by Michael Seater and created by Paula Brancati with Katie Boland and Paula Brancati.

People Hold On is a film that explores the extended family of friends we all have and how we face the approach of adulthood together, as time pulls us apart. These are the people who could write your history. Your nearest and dearest. But we all have that moment when we refer to our best friend and wonder to ourselves "Are they still?" In the vein of The Big chill and The Breakfast Club, or "The TCB's:, PHO is an intimate exploration of relationships; friends, enemies, love and loss. Set during a weekend at the cottage, the gang reunites for their annual lakeside romp. A break-up, a new job, and a fracture prevented them from getting together last year and they're trying to patch the tear in their proverbial jeans. The assembled cast is made up of incredibly old friends not unlike the characters in the film. After creating a detailed outline, Michael Seater and Paula Brancati wrote a script based on workshops and rehearsals held with the cast prior to filming. People Hold On blurs the lines of reality as the cast pulled on their own relationships with each other and infused their fictional existence with true feelings.

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People Hold On

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Aug 10, 2016





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BrancSeater Productions


Brad Wheeler
Globe and Mail
There's a natural, improvised feel. The so-so ending is abrupt - what happens to these people? We don't know and they don't know, which, of course, is exactly the point.
by rottentomatoes, Oct 09, 2015

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