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Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night (also know as Paranômaru akutibiti: Dai-2-shô - Tokyo Night) full movie is released on Nov 20, 2010. Watch Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night online - the Japanese Horror movie from Japan , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $475,320. Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night is directed by Toshikazu Nagae and created by Toshikazu Nagae with Aoi Nakamura and Noriko Aoyama.

Haruka Yamano returns from America to Tokyo in a wheelchair, both legs having multiple fractures from a car accident. She is helped by her brother Koichi and their father. Their father travels to Singapore for business meetings and Koichi takes care of his sister and films her most of the time with his camera. The next morning, Haruka tells that her wheelchair has moved during the night and Koichi check the windows of her room to see if a stranger has broken in their house. He tells that probably a spirit had moved the wheelchair and he uses salt near the door of Haruka's bedroom to protect her against evil spirits. However, the next morning they find that the salt is spread near the door. He checks the tape and believes that the house is haunted by a ghost. He decides to tape his room too and during the days, weird noises and events happen in the house. They invite priest Saionji to purify the house against ghosts and over four days nothing unusual happens. Haruka tells to Koichi that, in America, she had hit a woman called Katie that had just murdered her boyfriend and appeared in front of her car. Their father returns home but he needs to travel again. But on the fifth night they see in the tape that the house is still haunted. Koichi decides to call Saionji again, but they learn that the priest had died five nights ago after leaving their house. Haruka discloses to her brother that weird things had happened to her also in America. Furthermore, she tells that she had researched the life of Katie and had found that the girl was also haunted by ghosts. Now the fiend is more violent and still haunts the siblings and they do not know what to do.

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Paranômaru akutibiti: Dai-2-shô - Tokyo Night, Paranormal Aktivite: Tokyo Gecesi, Actividad paranormal 0: el origen, Paranormal Activity - Tokyo Night, Metafysiki drastiriotita: Nyhtes sto Tokyo





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Presidio, Musashino Ad, Cinema Sunshine

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