P.O.V: Perception of Violence full movie is released on Jan 22, 2017. Watch P.O.V: Perception of Violence online - the English Short movie from United States. P.O.V: Perception of Violence is directed by David Joseph and created by Rasheda Crockett with Guyviaud Joseph and Jonathan C. Kaplan.

P.O.V is a film that is based on true events it takes a deep look and examines what from the surface appears to be a racially motivated incident through the eyes of three individual perspectives; the victim, the assailant and the observer. The film takes an insightful look at the current crisis between African American and law enforcement while addressing a very grim issue specifically the patterns of death of young African American men to law enforcement across the country. This film is meant to spark a conversation about the race relationships in America and to give insight into what many people do not want to acknowledge. What we see isn't always what we think we see the goal of this film is to help people gain a better understanding of each other and how everything is based on perception.

As know as:

P.O.V: Perception of Violence, P.O.V: Point of View


United States



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DNA Media

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