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Lord Lucifer has tasked his Demon servant Mephendus to prove his worth by taking as many mortal souls on earth as possible. After initially selecting a light snack in a warehouse, Mephendus sets his sights on deeper souls. Sarah is on a weekend away in the woods with her new husband Mike and her daughter Casey. Casey is learning to accept her new dad but excited to meet with her new cousin Mary-Anne and Aunt Jan, Mike's Sister. When they arrive at the campsite, Casey catches up with Mary-Anne and her friend Sally on the hiking trail. They entice her to come join them for a little witchcraft in the woods as Mary-Anne longs to reach her deceased father from beyond the grave. Since Sally is the expert in the dark arts, she forms a shrine to summon dead spirits in hopes Mary-Anne's dad with be resurrected. Instead, Mephendus appears and scares off the trio. Later by the campfire, Mike, Jan and Sarah are reminiscing when Sarah excuses herself because she is feeling sick. As she lays down in her trailer we see Mephendus begin to possess her soul. Now Sarah/Mephendus is on a killing spree at the campsite and no one is safe. Can the girls perform an exorcist of Sarah in time to banish Mephendus and save their family?? Will Mephendus fulfill Lucifer's bidding? Who will survive?

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Release Date:

Oct 31, 2020


United States



Production Companies:

Ram Dog Productions, Viral Media Network

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