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Odessa, August 1970. A heat wave. The city is full of tourists. Boris and his eight-year-old son Valeri arrive from Moscow to visit his pensioner in-laws, Grigori and Raisa. Their daughters, Mira and Lora and their husbands, Arik and Volodya respectively and children are also there on vacation. His wife is the middle daughter and would come later. It is a Jewish family. Arik is a slobber and Volodya a quiet drunk. Something doesn't smell like love. On the day of their arrival, Odessa declares a quarantine due to a cholera outbreak, and the city is closed off. Boris is a true international journalist and a real import, metropolitan little thing. He drives women and girls in Odessa crazy with his metropolitan gloss. Having come for a few days, the son-in-law is plunged into a world changed by serious danger. Family secrets will be disclosed, improbable events happen, and a great forbidden love starts.

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Sep 05, 2019




Russian, Yiddish

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